Sagittarius Prediction @2023

Love Life- you could be in dilemma of taking decision, if you are single it could be decision of taking things forward and if you into relationship but if relationship is not going smooth, it could be decision to continue it or not. You may have options and you need to select option wisely.

Work -. Chances of getting stuck at situation where you need to take decision quickly, think of pros and cons and then move forward.

Health- if you are suffering from any disease in past, chances now you get new line of treatment so you need to check carefully either old treatment was good or new one. Health would be at better place. Take care of your routine.

Finance – don’t take risk of investing into something which you are not sure of. Things may hidden while at time of investing so read carefully. Finances are kindda ups and downs but under control situation.

Guidance- use your gut feeling . Don’t get confused.

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